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Over the last three years Virginia's tech community has donated over $78,000 via the annual event Betting Big On Tech. This year, in lieu of Betting Big On Tech, we're hosting Giving Big To Tech so we can keep supporting teachers and students throughout the school year!

What we do

CodeVA is a non-profit organization that partners with schools, parents, and communities to bring equitable CS education to all of Virginia's students. Since 2014, CodeVA has provided no-cost professional development for Virginia teachers, provided arts-integrated direct to student computer science programs, and advocated to help define Virginia’s computer science education landscape. Your support helps us continue to bring equitable computer science education to all of Virginia's students, teachers, and future tech professionals.

How you can help

Virginia's tech community has come together for the last three years to raise money to support CodeVA through the event Betting Big On Tech presented by Solvaria. Over the last three years, our tech community has raised $78,000+ for the future of tech in Virginia. This year, in lieu of attending Betting Big on Tech, we're asking you to continue your support of our students and teachers directly by helping fund camps, materials, scholarships, tools, and professional learning.

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Why we do what we do

Chris Dovi and Rebecca Dovi founded CodeVA in 2014 with the principle that anyone can code, and that every Virginia child has a fundamental right to computer science (CS) literacy, but the motivating factor for Chris and Rebecca came much earlier. While reporting on a competition of basketball shooting robots in 2010, Chris Dovi met Richmond’s Thomas Jefferson High School robotics team. Their team didn’t have the same sponsored t-shirts and materials as their better funded counterparts, but they did have James.

James was the primary designer of the group and kept the whole team focused amidst the stress of the competition. James led his team to place 16th out of 59, in spite of being a completely self-taught Java programmer. After watching James’ victory, Chris worked with Rebecca’s hands on experiences and information from multiple school districts and came to realize that only 10% of schools nationwide were providing CS education for their students. Meanwhile, thousands of CS jobs were going unfilled.

Chris and Rebecca decided to address this problem head on and work to provide equitable access to CS education in their state for every student, and CodeVA has been spearheading that effort under their direction ever since.

Giving Big To Tech Sponsors

*Any funds generated above programmatic needs will be will be used to support CodeVA’s larger mission to bring equitable computer science literacy education to all Virginia learners.